Slimsense Natural Weight Loss Programme




The Slim Sense natural weight loss programme is a clinical practitioner supervised weight loss programme offered by the practice. The programme is designed for the individual wishing to lose weight or for those wishing to keep in shape . It is also aimed at those individuals who have tried many other ways to lose weight but have not succeeded. All individuals on the programme are evaluated and treated according to their own individual needs. Not only does the programme focus on weight loss but it also focuses on restoring health and eliminating the risk factors associated with conditions such as metabolic syndrome , high cholesterol and obesity.

The programme is a 3 month programme consisting of:

-An initial consultation involving a case history and medical examination.
-A simple to follow diet plan.

-Prescribed natural supplements depending on your individual needs if necessary.
-A weekly homoeopathic injection and weigh in. (Injection can be substituted by drops).

-A monthly re evaluation and assessment.

The programme is unique in that it primary aim focuses on treating the root cause of your weigh problems and any underlying conditions which may lead to increased weight gain.